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We were very impressed with this company and I have nothing but good things to say. They all went above and beyond for all of our needs


I only had my father home one day on hospice but I was really grateful to have interacted with this particular hospice during that time. They were really kind and understanding when it came to my father's medical condition, went the extra mile to get him home when the transport to get him home fell through, made medication easy, and I was able to talk to multiple staff members throughout the short time. Even after my father passed away I still received calls from the Chaplains letting me know they were still there for us in the grieving process. A strong shoutout to Liz, our liaison for that time. I appreciate all of the staff during that short but hard period.


Everyone was great! They were kind & made me feel so at ease. They are a wonderful group of people & would recommend to everyone! I will tell all about Klarus.

A & D

I looked forward to my PT & OT coming to see me. I learned a lot from them both. My pain will always be with me, but thanks to them, I can work around it.


I can't say enough about how beautifully Hospice de la Luz provides care. Both of my parents were on hospice. Mom recently passed and the whole experience was handled with such grace and love. Dad continues to receive support from the same team they've always had. He loves his care team and they love him! I am comforted to know that such loving, caring people are part of my parents' final journey.

M. M.

My father truly enjoyed the PT services provided by First Choice. Shawna was such a blessing. We also had OT, C.N.A. and RN services. They all communicated well with the family and I when scheduling visits and discussing progress. They each really cared for my Dad's wellbeing and recovery. Very professional staff!

G. M.

They took care of me from January till September and got me back up and walking after I was told I might never walk again after breaking my hip. Also the Hospice Unit took care of my husband till his passing in May. Can’t say enough good thing about them.

Linda G.

It truly does take a village as no man/woman is an island who can survive on his/her own. Thanks to all the people who made this experience so awesome.

If I could give 5000 stars, I would! I want to give a big thank you to Jennifer, Gayle, Rose, Laura, and chaplain Dale. These folks went above and beyond. They took extra good care of my mother during her time in need. They also seemed very attentive to my needs. I appreciate their thoughtfulness and making sure I had the supplies to take care of my mother. They never left me stranded. They always showed compassion and care. Thanks again, and I wish each one of you a life of happiness and joy.


My nurse for Klarus was great. My PT really helped with my walker.


The OT at Klarus was wonderful. She help with putting on my stockings.


Wonderful SN services.


My PT was amazing.


Hands down awesome service.


I would recommend Klarus to anyone. Staff was amazing.



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