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I can't say enough about how beautifully Hospice de la Luz provides care. Both of my parents were on hospice. Mom recently passed and the whole experience was handled with such grace and love. Dad continues to receive support from the same team they've always had. He loves his care team and they love him! I am comforted to know that such loving, caring people are part of my parents' final journey.

M. M.

My father truly enjoyed the PT services provided by First Choice. Shawna was such a blessing. We also had OT, C.N.A. and RN services. They all communicated well with the family and I when scheduling visits and discussing progress. They each really cared for my Dad's wellbeing and recovery. Very professional staff!

G. M.

They took care of me from January till September and got me back up and walking after I was told I might never walk again after breaking my hip. Also the Hospice Unit took care of my husband till his passing in May. Can’t say enough good thing about them.

Linda G.

It truly does take a village as no man/woman is an island who can survive on his/her own. Thanks to all the people who made this experience so awesome.

My nurse for Klarus was great. My PT really helped with my walker.


The OT at Klarus was wonderful. She help with putting on my stockings.


Wonderful SN services.


My PT was amazing.


Hands down awesome service.


I would recommend Klarus to anyone. Staff was amazing.



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Klarus Home Health
Klarus Home Health
"Tis the season" to consider a great change, by working for a small organization with a BIG heart for people! Apply today and see how being a part of Klarus can make life a little merrier!
Klarus Home Health
Klarus Home Health
We're thankful for the privilege of serving the patients and families entrusted to our care. Wishing you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving!
Klarus Home Health
Klarus Home Health
According to the CDC, Alzheimer’s disease is not a normal part of aging. If your or someone you know has experienced memory loss, it may be a warning sign of the disease. Visit the CDC to learn more about the warning signs and symptoms: https://www.cdc.gov/aging/aginginfo/alzheimers.htmCDC webpage #AlzheimersAwareness
Klarus Home Health
Klarus Home Health
Our amazing teams in Texas, pictured here, raised a total of $2200.00 during the "2022 Chili Cook-Off to End Alzheimer's" event! Outstanding work to everyone who participated and thank you to everyone who came out for the event!
Klarus Home Health
Klarus Home Health
Our hospice team in Fort Worth conducted a memorial service for those who have passed. The crowd was small, but the love shared was as big as the room, remembering those who died over the past year. We are truly honored to care for our patients and families! 🕊
Klarus Home Health
Klarus Home Health
Our Home Health, Hospice and Personal Care teams did a fantastic job in this year's Jet Health costume contest! Congratulations to our winners: Team Denver with their take on "The Addams Family". Great job to everyone who participated! Just another great example of the comradery and team building happening in each of our locations! #homehealthteam #hospiceteam #homecareteam #greatculture #qualitycare #peoplecaringforpeople #caregivers #heroes